Organic Millet Milk Powder

~ Excellent for Pregnant & lactating

~ No Added Sugar

~ Lactose Free / Non – Dairy

~ Gluten Free

~ No Trans Fat

~ No Cholesterol

~ No added creamer

~ No ArtificialFlavour

~ No preservatives

~ No Artificial Colour

Millet Grain is one of the oldest foods known to man-kind and possibly the first cereal grain to be used for domestic purposes. The Hunzas; who live in the Himalayan foothills are known for their excellent health and longevity, enjoy millet as part of their staple diet. Millets are rich in B vitamins especially B6, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Millet also contains a significant amount of lecithin and choline which helps keep cholesterol in check. Because it is alkaline based it may be good for the spleen, pancreas and stomach nd may also benefit those suffering from acidosis. It may also be good for colitis, ulcers and urinary disorders.



organic millet-milk powder-900g-product of EU

We offer Nido Instant Full Creme Milk Powder.
Netherlands Origin with Multilanguage Text on Tins.
Available in Carton & Shrink Pack

For our Nido Milk, we have the following:

24 tins x 400gms (Load ability in 20′ FCL – 910 cartons / 40’FCL – 1800 cartons)
12 tins x 900gms (Load ability in 20′ FCL – 900 cartons/ 40’FCL – 1750 cartons)
6 tins x 1800gms (Load ability in 20’FCL – 700 cartons / 40′ FCL 1300 cartons)
6 tins x 2500gms (Load ability in 20’FCL – 600 cartons / 40’FCL – 1440 cartons

All EU Standards also available


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Peak Milk Powder has a condensed consistency with the same natural flavour and health benefits as milk.  Try using it in any dish that requires milk.  This includes cakes, puddings, biscuits, pastries, ice cream, puree, yoghurt, cream, milk desserts, crepes and soufflés.

When added to ice cream it enriches the flavour and gives a smooth creamy consistency.

Typical Values
Moisture, m/m max   5 % 4 % IDF Standard 26:1964 Gravimetry, drying; 103±2 0C
Fat, m/m min    26 % 26.5 % Gerber /Teichert Metod, NADRG: 1978 Gerber
Protein (in the non fat dry matter), m/m (Nx6,38) min    34 % 35 % IDF Standard 20B: 1993 Kjeldahl, titrimetry
Ash, m/m max   8 % 6 % IDF Standard 90:1986 Furnace; 825±25 0C
Lactose, m/m min   36 % 38 % NADRG: 1978 Subsidence, (Cu2O)
Titratable acidity (L.A.) max   0.17 % 0.15 % ADMI: 1971 Titrimetry
pH (in 10 % solution) min   6.50 6.70 TS 11860 pH metre
Density, g/cm3 min   0.600 0.650 NADRG: 1978 Volumetry Gravimetry
Solubility index, ml max  1 0.5 IDF: 1964 Centrifugation
Scorched Particles Disk  A/B A ADMI: 1971 Visual comparasion with standard disks
Microbiological Properties Total plate count, cfu/g max  40.000 7.000 TS 1019 Plate Count Agar
Coliform, cfu/0.1 g max  10 negative FDA: 1998 Fluorocult VRB Agar
E.coli, cfu/g negative negative FDA: 1998 Fluorocult VRB Agar
Staph.aureus, cfu/g negative negative Anon., 1998 (38) Baird-Parker Agar
Salmonella, cfu/25g negative negative TS 8907 Selenit-Cystin Broth & Bismut-Sülfite Agar
Yeast & Mould, cfu/0.1 g max  10 negative Pitt&Hocking, 1997 (86) YGC Agar


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