Frozen Barracuda

1 person
Pack Weight:
150g to 200g
100% barracuda
Contains fish
Method of catching:
Hook & Line
Customer Storage:
Store at -18°C in freezer upon arrival-Keep frozen
Product origin:
India/Sri lanka
Peak season:
All year around
Suitability for home freezing:
Shelf life:
Use within 1 month of purchase for best result.
Special instruction:
Defrost fully in a refrigerator. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours. Do not refreeze.


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Whole Frozen horse mackerel.

Scientific name: Trachuruz Pictarutus.
Presentation: With Skin.
Freeze: Block.
Packaging: 2 blocks of 10 kg. Master boxes of 20 kg.
Size and Weight: 200 Gr 300, 300-500, 500 – Up.
Seasonality: December to April-August to October.

Frozen horse mackerel HG

Scientific name: Trachuruz Pictarutus
Presentation: With Skin
Freeze: Block
Packaging: 2 Blocks Master 10kg 20kg boxes..
Size and Weight: 150 gr – 300, 300 – 500 gr, 500 – Up
Season: December to April-August to October.

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