Goat Hides

Authentic goat hides – actual measurements are on the product page or title – actual cowhide is pictured unless otherwise stated. These are genuine  Hides Premium goat hides that come stamped and individually numbered from our Hides company known for top quality, chromium tanned hides.



Raw Salted Goat-hides USA

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Our Products are at affordable prices and our Products are very pure.

We ship anonymously and our packaging is in line with international export standard. Raw Salted Goat-hides USA

The Specification of Dry unsalted or Dry salted Donkey hides:

-Product: Dry unsalted or Dry salted donkey hides are complete single piece with head, ears, legs, tails and limbs.-

100% pure donkey hides, no horse hides, no mule hides, no foal hides or hides from other animals.

-Average size donkey 12 /15 sq.ft.  16/18 sq.ft. 18 – 20 sq.ft. as bigger as possible.

-100% machine flayed.

-Washing water content: 0.00%

-Hides no mildew, no hair slip problem , no rotten hides, no fats and no meat on the hides, no worm eating, no visible rosette

-shaped fragmentation or other objects.

-No holes, no cuts, no reheated.-No sand, no dust, no mud, no foreign objects, no fats, no meat.

-Stock or inspection location: SGS

-Quantity per container: 10 CONTAINERS

-Quantity ability per month:-

Packing: Hides are packed and placed on plank lifting fork wooden pallets or crates.

Shipping documents: Phytosanitary Certificate of Department of Agriculture. 

Certificate of Origin issued by Chamber of Commerce. 

SGS Certificate for Quality, Quantity and Weight. 

SGS Tally Certificate for quantity. 

Fumigation Certificate. 

Ownership Certificate. 

Statement of Product Availability. 

Certificate of origin. 

Company Registration Certificate.




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