Cow hides

Authentic cow hides – actual measurements are on the product page or title – actual cowhide is pictured unless otherwise stated. These are genuine  Hides Premium Cowhides that come stamped and individually numbered from our Hides company known for top quality, chromium tanned hides.


Buy Wet salted-cow hides.

These premium quality animal leather with hair on cowhide ideal for upholstery items,chaise, chairs, sofa, couch cushions, rugs, carpets,throw pillow cases and wall decorations. Many designers in the Western wear industry also choose hair on hides for unique footwear,waistcoat, wallet, vests, purses & totes, Christmas stocking, lampshade, cowboy boot.

Product: Hides
specifications of our hides

wet salted cow hides
80% machine flayed, 20% hand flayed
no grubs, no holes, no cuts, no heads
short shanks
weight: min. 30 kgs
average weight: 34 to 36 kgs
selection: 70% a, 30% b
1 x container = 1200 hides approx.

wet salted kip skins
70% machine flayed, 30% hand flayed
weight: 16 to 20 kgs
average weight: approx. 18 kgs
selection: 60% a, 40% b
1 x container = 1250 skins approx.Buy Wet salted-cow hides.

wet salted cow hides
100% machine flayed
70% male, 30% female
0 to 1 hole, 5% small humps
a few ticks but low possibility due to good tics prevention programs
weight: min. 22 to 35 kgs
average weight: 26 kgs approx
average size: 42 sq.ft.
selection: 90% a, 10% b
1 x 20ft container = approx. 1300 hides

wet salted ox/heifer hides
machine flayed
weight: 17 to 26 kgs
average weight: approx. 23 kgs
selection: 80% a, 20% b
one container = approx. 1500 hides


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