Huggies Dry Comfort Size

Huggies Dry Comfort Size 3 Midi 36pcs



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New Baby offers the best protection for newborns’ skin. It features a Wetness Indicator to let you know when your baby might need a fresh nappy. After your baby wets in the nappy, the indicator changes from yellow to blue-green. In addition, New Baby has a unique Absorb-Away Layer.  Its honeycomb structure is specifically designed to absorb newborns’ soft poo and to lock it away from your baby’s skin to keep it protected. New Baby uses ultra-soft material to give babies all the comfort they need.

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New Baby features:

Wetness indicator


Overlapping fastening, smaller/regular/bigger fastening

Soft, stretchy sides

Specifically designed to absorb soft poo


the best protection for your newborn’s skin

we are well experienced trading company for years now with direct links with manufacturers of various brands of products . We are dealing with a variety of FMCG products and continually strive to supply high quality products to our clients.

Cotton topsheet; Airlaid paper; SAP Paper 190g 50%(Tissue+Japan Sumitommo SAP); Release paper; Tapes; Individual packed.

We do mix loadings in containers on behalf of our clients and as per their orders, we consolidate the orders and ship worldwide professionally with the Export documentation and compliance support.

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