Soft Surface:Soft surface of the diaper ensure no stimulation onto baby’s tender skin

2)Super Absorption Core:Absorb the liquid effectively and instantly,keep the baby’s skin dry and comfortable

3)ADL:Cause the liquid to infiltrate quickly,prevent the rewet for keeping baby’sskin dry and clean.

4)Clothlike film back sheet:Cute and attractive design with interesting picture keep baby happy.

5)Magic tape:Adjust the tightness of the baby diaper,double use

6)Elastic Leg-cuff Waterproof:3D Leak Prevention Channel prevents any side leakage,gentle on the legs



Best Genuine Pampers EU. Pampers New Baby offers their best protection for newborns’ skin. It features a Wetness Indicator to let you know when your baby might need a fresh nappy. After your baby wets in the nappy, the indicator changes from yellow to blue-green. In addition, Pampers New Baby has a unique Absorb-Away Layer. Its honeycomb structure is specifically designed to absorb newborns’ soft poo and to lock it away from your baby’s skin to keep it protected. Pampers New Baby uses ultra soft material to give babies all the comfort they need.

Best Genuine Authentic Pampers

Pampers New Baby features:

-Wetness indicator

-Ultra soft

-Overlapping fastening, smaller/regular/bigger fastening

-Soft, stretchy sides

-Specifically designed to absorb soft poo


Best Genuine Pampers EU


It is owned by Procter & Gamble, a multinational consumer goods company. Pampers offers a range of diapers and related products designed to provide comfort, protection, and convenience for babies and toddlers.

These may include newborn diapers, diapers for active babies, overnight diapers for extended use, and training pants for toddlers transitioning from diapers to underwear.

The sizes generally range from newborn to larger sizes for older babies and toddlers. Pampers strives to provide a snug and comfortable fit for babies of different sizes.

Best Genuine Authentic Pampers- Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers New All sizes Available at wholesale Price

Gentle on baby’s delicate skin, Pampers- Swaddlers is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex (Natural rubber)

Protect your newborn’s delicate belly with our Umbilical Cord Notch (Sizes N–2)

Best Genuine Pampers EU

Packaging and products may vary

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