Combine maize processor

Crop production is another aim of the farmers to achieve better productivity and the highest amount of yields in a month and  Combine harvester Maze crop tractor implement is the best suit for it. Yet, cropping and planting are done to get the resourceful crop out of it, but this tractor implement internationally not only helps in cropping but also makes production flow successfully out of it.


Combine-maize processor Japan.

1. Adopt Yuchai engine power 190HP.
2. Header adopts corn-picking roller for harvesting corn with different row spacing, even work in rain or dew.
3. Header is lifted vertically with four-link structure, which dose not affect working angle of the stem roller.
4. Engine adopts advanced frequency conversion technology, 3 kinds of working model(empty /medium/heavy load) effectively reduce fuel consumption.Combine-maize processor Japan

Combine maize processor H2.

Grain wheat corn processing machine maize cleaning flour milling packing machinery

Features of flour milling machinery

1. The complete integrated maize milling unit is suitable for the production of high yield and quality maize flour with low fat content.

 2. With state-of-the-art process technologies for decortication, crushing, determination and milling of maize, this processing unit can provide the production of high quality breakfast meal flour with low fat content. Bran and germ could be used as animal feeds.
 3. The complete maize milling unit enables the millers to obtain top-class finished products with minimum fat content and speaks and maximum yield.

 4. The maize processing line includes four main sections:
 1) Cleaning Section 🙁 separation, aspiration, destining and dampening);
 2) Determination Section:(polishing, crushing and grading);
 3) Milling Section: (grinding and sifting);
 4) Packing Section: 25KG/Bag flour auto-packing; 50KG/Bag bran auto-packing.


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