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Wholesale Used Bikes / Wholesale Used Bicycles for Export – If you need second hand bicycles, used folding bicycles, used BMX bicycles, used trail bicycles, used cruiser bicycles, etc.. We handle hundreds of consignments of cheap wholesale used bicycles and ship out containers almost daily.


Scrap Bicycles for sale online Japan. Bicycles For All is looking for an artist (type)….not for hire, not for donated efforts, but an artist interested in adoption. Yes! Please adopt this bike/trike, and give it new life!

We value every donation! We look for every salvageable part of each unsafe/damaged/unusable bike, and whatever is left is brought to the scrap yard which is a small part, but a part, of funding our operation.

Well, we received a barn find recently. This trike. Semingly dead beyond revival and no salvageable parts. But it’s not going to the scrap yard. Somehow in this doom and gloom….there is something alive! All of us here can see it, but none of us have and clue what that new, uplifting, revival or sorts…..what the new life looks like.Scrap Bicycles for sale online Japan.

We need someone to adopt and revive this trike into something we know is there. We think there is more than a “yard ornament” in it future, but we don’t know what it is?

This trike is awaiting free pickup, as-is, and is available to any artist (or artist type) that has the vision for its new life (so long as they promise not to ride it

). Monday and Wednesday’s 6-9. 1st come 1st serve, and an absolute promise not to become just a lawn ornament, and a promise to let us know how that new life evolves!


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