Cotton seed oil

The cottonseed oil contains a lot of essential fatty acids, Linoleic acid content of up to 44.9 ~ 55.0%, Can inhibit the rise of the human body of cholesterol in the blood, conducive to maintaining human health.
In addition, also contain oleic acid in cottonseed oil 18.0 ~ 30.7%, linoleic acid 46% ~ 62%, and the human body the absorption rate reaches over 98% of cottonseed oil can be widely used for cooking food.
The company of cottonseed oil production using imported AlfaLava centrifuge, full automatic production line, combined with advanced degumming, deacidification, water washing process with high vacuum desolventizing technology, Effectively removed gossypol in cottonseed oil and other harmful substances, taste is pure, is good for health.



Buy Pure Natural-Cotton-Seed Oil

1.processing capacity: sesame seeds about 18 pounds per hour. The rate of oil production reached gb.
2. can crush unconventional oils. Safflower seed. Okra. the shaft size, diameter 30mm, 4-5 level press, groove depth, groove width – peanuts eat more, faster.
4. motor: GB copper capacitor motor 750W – power strong, durable.
5. packaging: food grade 304 stainless steel wire drawing board is clean and sanitary.
6. structure: split, dynamic and pressing chamber through the chain transmission, real – continuous work.
7. temperature controller: Industrial edition temperature controller, temperature adjustable, temperature control, temperature constant temperature.
2.Product advantage:
1. pressing shaft for special steel throughput of 30-50 tons.
2. stainless steel appearance.
3. real continuous work.
4. inlet diameter 40mm, not material.
5. temperature constant temperature.
6. high yield.
7. fish cake adjustable gap.
8. easy to disassemble.
9. electrical appliances without electronic, easy to change.
10.the oil seam size adjustable, squeezed peanut big mouth. Do not return oil, sesame, small mouth. Slag free.Buy Pure Natural-Cotton-Seed Oil

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GST rates and HSN code for Sunflower Seed, Safflower, Cotton Seed Oil.


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