Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter

Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter gives an operational performance very better to that possible with manual transplanting or even when working with a walk-behind transplanter.

Together, these advantages make possible the production of solid yields of high-quality rice that give to the achievement of modern profitability.

this Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter effortlessly responds with maximum comfort to the requirements of professional customers attempting to expand and rationalize operations.



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Kubota NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter


Model 2ZS-4(SPW-68C)
Demension Total length (mm) 2370
Total width (mm) 1930
Total height (mm) 910
Weight (kg)
Engine Model MZ175-B-1
Pattern air-cooling, four strokes, OHV gasoline engine
total exhaust volume (cc(L)) 171(0.171)
Rated output/speed(ps[kw]/rpm) 3.3(4.5)/3600, max 4.0(5.5)/3600
Burnt oil unleaded gasoline
Fuel rank capacity (L) 4
Start method hand starting
Travel unit wheel up-down adjustment hydraulic
Diameter of walking wheel Φ660
Transplant Speed (m/s) 0.28-0.77
Travel Speed (m/s) 0.55-1.48
Speed varying method gear
Change-speed rear (step) forward 2 steps,  back 1step
Transplanting unit Number of plantingrows (line) 6
Distance between rows(cm) 30
Hill space ( cm ) 12,14,16,18,21(option:25·28)
Number of hills  (hill /3.3M2) 90,80,70,60,50 (option:45·40)
Depth (mm) 7-37 (level 5)
Transplanting condition  (cm) Seeding seedlings(height of plant 10-25)
Productivity (a unit of area/hour) 1.5-4.8

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Brand Kubota
Weight 590 Kg
Model Number NSPU-68C
Drive Type 4-wheel drive
Overall Length 3000{118.11}( mm{inch} )
Overall Height 2570{101.18}( mm{inch} )
Overall Width 2210{87.01}( mm{inch} )
Engine Model GZ460-P-CHN
Engine Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, 2-cylinder OHC gasoline engine
Total Displacement 0.456 {456}( L {cc} )
Applicable Fuel Unleaded gasoline for automobile
Fuel Tank Capacity 17 L
Starting System Starter motor
Fuel Consumption 3.6 to 8.5 ( kg/hm2 )
Distance Between Rows 30 cm
Number Of Planting Rows 6


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