Kubota V2403 MU4501 – 2WD

MU4501 is equipped with Kubota Quad  4 Piston (KQ4P) engine, a extremely powerful, high fuel efficient 4 Cylinder engine with a narrow piston ring which reduces friction and ultimately improves fuel efficiency.



Kubota B2741 Tractor

The France high-pressure common-rail engine is equipped leads a large power reserve and high economic benefits.

Also, Optional multi-state variable frequency switch is offered for corresponding different power to various working conditions,moreover meeting the requirements of fuel-saving and efficiency.

In addition, chassis cooling system is equipped to effectively control the oil temperature and extend the service life of key components such as bearings, gears, oil seals, etc. Farming-tractor 4WD Buy online

Futhermore, the G series reinforced chassis with large bearing capacity gives reliable and stable performance.Kubota B2741 Tractor
Nonetheless, ndependent oil circuit of hydraulic system ensure high cleanliness and low failure rate for it. Tractor 4WD Buy online Mexico

The imported clutch discs present reliable transmission performance.

It is adopted 4×(1+1)× 4 composition gearbox with 16F+16R gear. Synchronizer shift offer fast shift speed and high efficiency.https://agricorpltd.com/

A 320L large-capacity diesel tank is equipped to satisfy long-term continuous operation need efficiently.

Again, optional backup camera and BeiDou auto drive system are offered to control the steering, moreover playing a effective work of keeping straight line.

Sealed cab with all-inclusive luxury interior is spacious and comfortable, meanwhile have a clear operative field.

Nevertheless, TA series tractor has compact structure and wide power coverage range, which can bring you comfort and convenience, and meet your diverse needs.
1,The configuration of double clutch, double speed power output and spindle gear ensure comfortable operation and meet your different needs;
2,The tractor adopts brand new streamlined hood and car electrophoresis technology, which is artistic and durable;
3,Famous and excellent-quality engine, large torque reserve, better fuel economy.


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