Used Engine Oil


Waste Recycling Used Engine-Oil.

component: HMA High Mucosal Composition

Product composition: This product belongs to high-performance multi-stage general-purpose internal combustion engine oil. It is made of highly refined high-index base oil and imported composite agent according to new process

Performance characteristics:

1.Unique CS shield technology ensures strong engine power and excellent anti-wear lubrication protection effect.

3.Unique HMA composition with high mucosa shows superior viscous-temperature stability to ensure that the engine runs continuously and strongly.

4.Excellent Total Base Number Maintaining Performance to Meet Domestic High Sulfur Diesel Oil Requirements

5.Excellent shield factor, highlighting the superiority of shear resistance, durable and stable oil pressure, strong climbing power

6.Excellent acid neutralization ability and antioxidant ability, prolong oil exchange cycle, save maintenance costs

7.The products meet the specifications of API CJ-4, ACEA E3/E5, ACEA E9, Caterpillar ECF-3.

Product variety: Four brands, 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W-40 and 20W-50, are available.

Executive standard: GB11122

.Waste Recycling Used Engine-Oil



Test   Units   Methods Result
Density 15 °C ASTM-D4052 0.88
Colour Max ASTM-D1500 6
Flash Point PMCC Min °C ASTM-D93 70-80
Pour Point – Max °C ASTM-D97 -7
Viscosity 50 °C Cst ASTM-D445 60
Sulfur Content – Max WT% ASTM-D4294 below 0.5%
Water WT % ASTM-D482 3%
Appearance Visual Black
Sediment Below 0.5%


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