Used Shipping Containers Chille

Second hand, Direct ex Shipping Lines containers 10ft, 20ft, 30ft & 40ft including CSC plated Cargoworthy

Cargo worthy CSC plated containers are also available for worldwide shipping.

We have used, GP, HC, and RH, 20FT and 40FT refrigerated container for

sale, containers are in good conditions and carefully inspected to be

free from rust and are below 2-3 years old.

All of our containers

Used Shipping Containers Chille


Shipping containers are available in 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft lengths and various configurations, and also a range of flat pack storage containers for use where access is limited. Our experienced team of trained and motivated drivers make the difference when it comes to delivery, saving you time, effort and money by doing everything as safely possible to meet your needs.

We will not leave site until the doors have been checked, the unit has been correctly levelled and you are entirely happy. We get positive feedback from delighted customers on our drivers every day. If you need to modify your container please contact our container conversions division, with a team of welders, fabricators, carpenters and electricians nearly anything is possible.

SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo

Standard 20’19’ 4″7′ 8″7′ 10″7′ 8″7′ 6″1,172 Cft4,916 Lbs47,900 Lbs

5.900 m2.350 m2.393 m2.342 m2.280 m33.2 m32,230 Kgs21,770 Kgs

Standard 40’39’ 5″7′ 8″7′ 10″7′ 8″7′ 6″2,390 Cft8,160 Lbs59,040 Lbs

12.036 m2.350 m2.392 m2.340 m2.280 m67.7 m33,700 Kgs26,780 Kgs



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