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Pure-Raw & Natural-Honey buy online. Cheap Premium Quality Organic Natural Forest Bee Honey /Pure Natural Raw Honey

Wholesale Premium Quality Organic Natural Forest Bee Honey /Pure Natural Raw Honey


  • Raw, natural, unpasteurised and incredibly tasty.
  • Antibacterial, coarse-filtered, unheated, enzyme-rich and all natural. 
  • From wild mountains and remote forests free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Produced by the bees of small scale artisan beekeepers

If you are seeking pure real raw honey then this is a place where you will find it.

Monofloral honey from trees like Oak and Chestnut. Beautiful blossom honeys from Wild Lavender, Thyme and Orange Blossom. And many more unique and unusual honeys.

This isn’t honey that we buy from a middle man, we go and seek out the beekeepers, learn all about them and the places where the bees make the honey. Beekeepers, like Antonio, whose bees collect a range of mountain honeys in the Sierra del Rincon Biosphere Reserve.

Only if the honey and beekeepers meet our standards do we buy a small amount to see if our customers like it. If it passes the customer test then we purchase larger amounts and promote it on a wider scale.

Follow Antonio to the mountains and the amazing wild place where his bees create pure organic honey.

Name   Forest Honey

Model Number  BV52

Packaging Bulk

Grade A

Shelf Life 2 years

Brix 2%

Additives None

Max. Moisture 17.8%

Diastase Activity 13%

HMF 7.5

Reducing Sugar 79%

Glucose 34.9%

Fructose 44.1%

F/G 1.1


Packing Client Request

Feature 100% Natural Pure Forest Honey

Purity 100% Bee Honey

Flower Natural Tree



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