99.999 Ultrafine copper powder

Ultrafine copper powder presents no oxygen copper of stable natural isotope composition, it has a red-orange color and a powdered structure. Chemical structure is 99.999%. The particle form is spherical. The main size of particle is 40 micrometers. Copper powder of this type isn’t toxic. It can be used for 3D printers and also in engineering, chemical and aircraft  industry.


High Purity Copper-Powder EU

 The higher the purity and the smaller the particle size, the more expensive the copper powder.

Ultrafine copper powder is one of the most expensive elements in the world.https://agricorpltd.com/index.php/product/buy-aluminum-engine-block-eu/

The demand for ultrafine copper powders is growing in line with miniaturization in many areas:

1. Electronics manufacturers

2. Research institutes and universities

Academic and research institutions that focus on material science, nanotechnology, and chemistry may require UCP for research purposes, laboratory experiments, and development of novel applications.

3. Catalyst producers

4. Battery manufacturers

5. Nanotechnology companies

Businesses involved in the development and production of nanomaterials, nanocomposites, and advanced coatings may require UCP for their products.

6. Specialty chemical companies

Firms producing specialty chemicals for various industries could use UCP as an additive or component in their formulations, leveraging its unique properties.

7. Metallurgical and powder metallurgy companies

8. Medical and pharmaceutical companies

UCP may have potential applications in drug delivery systems, diagnostics, and medical imaging, making it potentially valuable to companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.High Purity Copper-Powder EU

Product Name Food Grade supplements Copper(II) Gluconate CAS 527-09-3 Copper gluconate powder
CAS 527-09-3
Appearance Brown and Blue powder
MF C12H22CuO14
Purity 99% min Copper gluconate
Keywords Copper gluconate, Copper gluconate powder, Copper gluconate food grade
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months


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