Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor Blade

Gillette?s 5-blade closeness at an affordable price. Engineered with antifriction blades for up to 20 shaves per blade refill. Precision trimmer for hard-to-reach places and styling facial hair. Up to 8 months of shaves per pack. Soft microfins gently stretch and smooth skin to prepare hairs for a close shave. Razor blade refills fit ProGlide, ProShield, and Fusion razor handles.The Gillette Fusion5 men’s razor blades features 5 antifriction blades for a close and long lasting shave. The blades are spaced closely together for incredible comfort with a precision trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach places and for styling facial hair. Gillette Fusion5 razor blade refills fit all Gillette Fusion5 razors.



Gillette Fusion5 Men’s-Razor Blade.

Get a closer, long-lasting shave with the  Gillette’s Fusion5 razor refills are designed to provide the comfort of five blades, and the precision of one.  with soft microfins that gently stretch and smooth your skin to prepare hairs for a close shave. Concerned your Gillette handle won’t fit? All Fusion5 blades fit all Gillette 5-blade razor handles. Engineered for durability, each refill lasts up to 18 shaves, giving you the ability to customize your shave and get the most out of every blade. Pairs perfectly with Gillette’s PRO Shaving Gel for added protection from shaving irritation. (Vs Mach3)

1) Material: stainless steel.

2) Coated with Teflon, Platinum and Chrome.

3) Customized brand and OEM are welcome.

4) Sharpness parameter of the blade is below 15N .

5) Packaging:   4pc/box, 500boxes/ ctn(2,000pcs/ctn)

Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor Blade

Dimension of carton: 47 x 42 x 27cm

Brand……………Private label



Packaging……….Standard export carton

MOQ………………..3000 pieces.Gillette Fusion5 Men’s-Razor Blade.

Our Fusion5 Men’s Razor gives you the awesome feeling of a five-blade shave at an affordable price.

The Fusion5 has five anti-friction blades that last up to 20 shaves per blade refill and without ever sacrificing comfort. The soft microfins before the blades stretch and smooth skin to prepare your skin for a smooth shave, while the Lubrastrip makes sure the blades glide across your skin easily.

Our Fusion5 Razor has a trimmer on the back of the blade for precision styling. Plus, you can use it to shape your facial hair. The Fusion5’s easy-to-grip handle gives you complete control, even with wet hands.

With our Fusion5 razor and blade refills, you can get a great shave at a great price.


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