Frozen Pork Tails

Purity, optimum quality, unadulterated nature, high nutritional value and longer shelf life are some of the salient attributes that make our Frozen Pork Tails highly popular. We share glorious credentials in the list of top Exporters and Suppliers of Frozen Pork Tails from the United Kingdom. Our cold storage space is suitable for retaining the quality and purity of Frozen Pork Tails. In addition to this, due to our vast distributed network, it has been an easy job for us to reach buyers within the stipulated time frame



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We are leading suppliers of Pork Meat and Approved to enter China and many Asia country with all certificate .

They are always humanely treated, which means they are never kept in farrowing or gestation crates, and have access to outdoor pasture and clean straw winter bedding and shelter. The unique Duroc/Landrace/Berkshire crossbreed ensures consistent, well-marbled and juicy—yet not overly fatty—pork. The best, cleanest tasting pork comes from well-cared-for pigs raised in their natural environment on high quality, all-vegetable, organic grain-fed diets.wholesale Frozen pork tails

Raised Without Antibiotics
GMO Free.

ORDER Frozen Pork Leg (bone and foot on)Buy Wholesale Frozen pork tails EU

We offer Frozen Boneless Pork Meat that is as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. We sell quality Beef meat and at very moderate prices which is appreciated by our clients. Product Specification: Processed Frozen Goat Beef PorkType: Pork Style: Frozen Freezing Process: BQFFeature: Boneless Part: All Parts Frozen Temperature:- Blasted at: minus 40 degrees Celsius- Storage at: minus 20 degrees Celsius.- Temperature during Transportation: minus 18 degrees Celsius For more information on our Meat products, contact us and you will get direct inquiry. Frozen Pork SpareribSkin-off, bone-in, with tender loin and ribs 4-6cm in width,fat tissue not exceeding 0.5cm. Packing:In cartons of 25kg net each.

Packed in 10-kilo cartons – fixed net weight 10 kg.
The average weight of one “flap” – 70-100 g.
We pride ourselves on being a superior pork supplier with the objective of exceeding expectations and providing customers with exceptional service and sustainable products through our vertically integrated business model. Check above to know what you need and send us your contact right now. If you have questions on how we can help your business, contact us today.


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