Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is about 50 percent monounsaturated and 30 percent polyunsaturated. Its major constituents are:

  • Palmitic Acid
  • Oleic Acid
  • Linoleic Acid
  • Arachidic Acid
  • Arachidonic Acid
  • Behenic Acid
  • Lignoceric Acid
  • Other Fatty Acids


Buy Peanut-Cooking Oil EU. Use the chromatographic fingerprint of our reference material to check for the presence of peanut oil in your sample . We also have roasted varieties which have a strong flavor and aroma closed to toasted sesame oil.
Some major fatty acids components of peanut oil include:

  • Oleic acid (46.8% as olein)
  • Linoleic acid (33.4% as linolein)
  • Palmitic acid (10.0% as palmitin)
  • Stearic acid
  • Arachidic acid
  • Arachidonic acid
  • Behenic acid
  • Lignoceric acid.

    Peanut is more and more known and popularly used in daily meals. Peanut on the market today is very diverse, including variety such as handmade cold pressed , refined Viet Good Export is a reasonable choice for you, we accept to supply peanuts in bulk for confectionery, pharmaceutical, industrial food production factories in large quantities and shipped nationwide.Buy Peanut-Cooking Oil EU


    – Products pressed from pure peanuts

    – Packing according to customer requirements

    Quality goods– fair prices in the market

    – Ensure export-import standards

  • It offers a healthier alternative because of the higher amounts of monounsaturated healthy fats. With its high smoke point relative to many other cooking oils, peanut oil is an optimal choice for deep frying. Other applications include pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
  • For quantities of 55 Gallons, we will contact you with a shipping quote prior to processing your order. 


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